Camira | Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

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In an exclusive preview, Revolution, a recycled wool fabric made from our own waste yarn, will make its debut at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair. The first fabric to be created using iinouiio - the textile recycling capability we acquired a majority stake in in 2022 - Revolution is a closed loop product, and marks an exciting breakthrough in achieving circularity within our design and manufacturing processes. 

Opening the door to a new era of sustainability, we can't wait to share this textile Revolution with visitors to the show.

A textile Revolution.

Developed at our manufacturing sites in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Revolution is created during a process which sees its waste wool yarn stripped back into fibre form using state-of-the-art wool recycling machinery. These recycled wool fibres are then blended with virgin wool, before being carded, spun, and woven into fabric. With an irregular twill weave, the fabric has an appealing surface detail and soft touch finish. 
In an innovative move, each shade in the Revolution 10-colour palette has been developed with the original colouration of the recycled woollen fibres as its base. This method of colour curation virtually eliminates the concept of dyeing, and enables the recycled yarn content to be seen as delicate flecks on the fabric’s face.

Visit us at A19:11, February 7 - 11 2023, to explore Revolution in person.

SFF Talks: Designing textiles for circularity

Ian Burn, Director of Marketing and Sustainability at Camira, and Jodie Padgett, Senior Innovator at Camira, will be presenting a thought-provoking seminar titled 'Designing textiles for circularity' at SFF 2023 on 7 February 15:00 - 16:00 and 8 February 10:00 - 11:00 in room K11.

Exploring the role of textile circularity in addressing the global textile waste and production problem and breaking the “take-make-waste” model of traditional manufacturing, Ian and Jodie will provide insights into three environmental material types for today’s eco-conscious specifier: natural bio-based materials made from renewable harvested plants, post-consumer recycled fabrics made from plastic bottles and ocean waste, as well as our latest innovative breakthrough in closed loop recycled wool; Revolution. Designing for circularity provides an insider’s look at the future of fashion for furniture.