Designed by Risom. Reimagined by Camira.

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The Jens Risom story is one that has been told many times before, in many different ways. Such was his impact, his designs have made their way into popular culture, firmly ensconced into legend. You may have heard of his Block Island retreat, featured on the cover of Life magazine in 1967 and Dwell in 2013, or you might have seen the image of Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act whilst seated on the Risom C140 chair in 1964, or it could be that you’ve read the iconic 1961 Playboy article ‘Designs for Living’ which brought the six greatest, most prolific, designers of the time into one room.

Or you may only be familiar with his legacy. Credited as being one of the first to introduce Scandinavian design to America, he is one of the reasons why sleek, minimal furniture remains perennially appealing - and his name has become synonymous with mid-century modern design.

However, one of the lesser known parts of the Jens Risom story is his work as a designer and manufacturer of textiles. The exclusive collaboration between Camira and the Risom family brings new life to this long-forgotten aspect of Jens’ portfolio, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

The textiles of Jens Risom

A perfectionist in every sense of the word, Jens Risom was passionate about ensuring each element of a design was created to the highest of standards. A firm believer that, in the words of Sven Risom (the youngest of Jens’ four children): “a great design poorly made, was poor. A poor design really well made, was poor”, he was committed to overseeing each detail of his creations – from the original materials used to the final finish implemented.

With fabric playing such an integral role in the appearance of his furniture, and a frustration growing that he was unable to find the interesting, exciting textiles that would perfectly complement his designs, in 1954 Jens acquired a textile company in Massachusetts which provided the complete creative control essential to his vision. 

Far from thinking solely in terms of colour, the textiles developed by the Jens Risom Design firm were considered in the minutest of details; as Sven recalls, Jens would be concerned by “What does the fabric feel like? How is it open? What’s the woven structure like? Let’s have the right fibres, let’s weave it right, let’s have the right spin.” It is these fabrics, designed by Jens and manufactured in a textile mill in North America nearly seventy years ago, that Camira has now faithfully reimagined, bringing these exquisite ranges into a brand new era.

A new lease of life

Beginning with Zap and Armadillo, these wool-rich fabrics remain true to the colours, textures and tonality conceived by Jens but - imbued with the technical capabilities, durability and sustainability of our modern-day manufacturing abilities – they stand up to the most demanding of contract environments.

With a palette that has been carefully curated to provide a contemporary selection of colourways, the vivid, playful colours of Jens’ original fabrics are now complemented by neutral shades which have been developed by Camira to ensure they are perfectly aligned with the commercial interiors of today. We hope you love them as much as we do.