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Camira Print: QUANTRON CIZARIS 12EV Electric Bus

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A fully electric city bus that takes passenger transport in urban areas to a new level.

Made for inner-city transportation, the CIZARIS 12 EV is ultra quiet, highly reliable, and emits zero C02 while in operation. With a range of up to 370 km, this clean, sustainable form of transport is the climate conscious choice for urban areas.

Bespoke seat cushions designed by Koorosh Shojaei, featuring a sustainable and customisable textile by Camira Print.

Created using Camira Print, a revolutionary digital print technology for transport textiles, the fabric features the QUANTRON logo in a parametric design pattern developed by Koorosh Shojaei, Design & Strategy Project Manager at QUANTRON. Selected for its environmental credentials, Camira Print fabrics have an MOQ of just one roll - enabling operators to create an entirely custom made textile in the exact quantities they require, ensuring minimal waste is produced.

Expertly matched by Camira's colour specialists using AZO-free and REACH-certified dyes to QUANTRON's distinctive 'Absolute Zero Blue' brand colour, the fabric is vibrant, bold, and instantly recognisable; reinforcing the QUANTRON identity and creating a futuristic aesthetic which complements the vehicle's interior.

A futuristic interior complements the high-tech power of CIZARIS 12EV.

With a light-flooded interior and seating for up to 95 passengers, the CIZARIS 12EV has been designed for maximum space efficiency, without compromising on the travel experience. Wide passages, high headroom, beautifully designed Kiel seating, USB chargers and LED lighting all combine to create a bus which delivers a comfortable and convenient journey. For instantly recognisable priority seating, the Camira Print fabric has been carefully adapted to meet the needs of those with limited visibility and mobility.