We make fabrics for trains, trams, underground, overground, buses and coaches. 



You’re sure to have seen us and sat upon us here, there and everywhere. Our fabrics are imprinted into memories. They remind you of home, college days, workday commutes, city breaks and holidays.


They take you on a journey – around the country and around the world, in style, comfort and safety. The journey began over 200 years ago as John Holdsworth and Co. and now moves forward as Camira.

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We're pioneers in our world

We’re textile designers and manufacturers, renowned for our technical capabilities and weaving expertise, now complemented by innovative advances in digital design and printing. We work in two broad market segments, mass passenger public transportation and commercial contract interiors, where we are recognised for designing and manufacturing some of the most innovative and environmentally friendly fabrics in the world. 

We’re the company behind pioneering eco-fabrics made from harvested nettles, hemp and flax; we’ve been making recycled polyester fabrics from used plastic bottles for over 25 years; and we’re now making recycled wool fabrics, using yarn remnants from our transportation fabrics, which are given a given a second life to be enjoyed all over again.

Our fabrics bring transport to life


Our fabrics stand up to endless sitting down in the most demanding public transport environments.  


They bring colour and design, comfort, personality and brand identity to the vehicle and train interiors they furnish. They’re the first thing we see, so they set the tone and create the mood.


They’re guaranteed to last, with proven durability for millions of passenger journeys. As a world leader in transport flammability standards, our fabrics have superior fire resistance, making them as safe as they can possibly be.

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We make our own fabrics.


We make our own fabrics. From farm to fabric and everything in between – we spin, dye, warp, weave, knit, finish, cut and sew.


So you can be sure of product quality and integrity bringing you unrivalled material options for upholstery and ancillary trims including headrests, wallsides and curtains. 


They’re either designed and made to order through our design studio, or available directly from stock. 


Whichever route you take, our fabrics are among the most stylish and recognisable on the planet, featured on design classics and global icons alike. Trusted, specified, chosen. Made by Camira.

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Our vision, mission and values


We know where we’ve come from and we’re proud of our roots, but we’re most excited about the future and where that will take us – and you. To guide us we have an aspirational Vision we’re stiving for, a Mission which focuses on what we’re doing today, and corporate values which inform our actions and underpin our behaviours.


Made by Camira is about doing the right thing, in the right way. We don’t cut corners, or take the easy route. Instead, we design with a conscience, manufacture responsibly, and act with care - so that every decision contributes to a more sustainable future, and makes Camira the natural choice for fabric and textile solutions worldwide.

So that’s become our Vision: To be the natural choice for fabric and textile solutions globally. We want to be front of mind and the go-to fabric company, manufacturing the most sustainable fabrics in the world. We work globally and locally, so from San Francisco to Shanghai, Stockholm to Sydney, and Munich to Mirfield, you’ll find us across the globe, and around the corner – as at home in New York as we are in Yorkshire.


Our word matters, our promises keep, and our guarantees last. Because, above all, we want to make sure we’re a company you can trust – always, in all ways. So our values begin with our customers, encompass quality and integrity, champion innovation and sustainability, through great teamwork and collaboration. We bring all that together in our three corporate which form the bedrock of company culture and ways of working.

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Our mission

So that leaves our Mission which joins all the dots, becoming our warp and weft and the very fabric of why we exist as a company:


"To inspire our customers with fabric and textile solutions which set the standard for design, manufacturing and sustainability, and to provide a brilliant customer service through people and technology."