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New Heritage: Timeless designs in contemporary colours

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Inspired by our past and made for today.

Inspired by our past and made for today, New Heritage is a selection of fabrics taken from our archives and brought to life in contemporary colourways.

Featuring designs from across the decades, this timeless collection includes wire-woven and moquette fabrics in an array of stylish and well-loved patterns, including understated geometrics, modern stripes, and decorative swirls.

Rich in wool - our material of choice for 200 years.

Sustainable, flame retardant, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and ultra-durable - there’s more than one reason why wool has been our material of choice for 200 years. A mainstay in our woven fabrics, wool provides the performance benefits and beautiful aesthetics that make it deserving of its reputation as Mother Nature’s wonder fibre.

Rich in wool, the fabrics featured in the New Heritage collection meet the highest of performance and flammability standards, without compromising on comfort - or style.