Nitrophlam: An environmentally conscious flame retardant treatment

July 25, 2023byJennifer Ogden

We've engineered an environmentally conscious, non-halogenated, flame-retardant treatment for wool fabrics in the public transport sector.
Nitrophlam365 reduces combustibility and smoke generation on trains, to safeguard passengers in the event of a fire. In comparison to conventional flammability treatments, NitroPhlam365 has a reduced carbon, energy and water footprint, reducing CO2 emissions, energy and water usage by 15%. This is the equivalent of running a UK home for two years or taking 40 cars off the road in a year.
Research has shown that traditional flame-retardant fabric treatments, which contain halogens, including chlorine and bromine, can have potentially carcinogenic and toxicological effects on humans and the environment. Many treatments that are currently in use are now under review, and even prohibited, in some geographies.
NitroPhlam365 enhances the natural flame retardancy of wool, by creating an extended char barrier which shields the fibres and upholstery foams from the flames, controlling and slowing combustion, whilst minimising toxic smoke production.
Commenting on Camira’s innovation, technical development manager, Colin Sutcliffe said: “Engineered for environmental efficiency and to enhance the natural flame retardancy of Camira’s wool rich transport fabrics, NitroPhlam365 is designed for heavy contact use in public transport applications over extended periods of time.
“Delivering the highest of performance and safety levels, whilst providing significant benefits to human health and the wider environment, this new flammability treatment is halogen-free, eco-friendly, and enables wool fabrics to meet key flammability standards with ease.
“In comparison to traditional treatments, Nitrophlam365 reduces CO2 emissions during production and uses less water and energy; it also increases fabric strength, making it a compelling choice for today’s eco and health-conscious consumers.”
Nitrophlam365 is based on a combination of non-toxic and non-carcinogenic phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, which do not bio-accumulate in humans or the environment. The treatment meets Europe’s most stringent flammability test criteria including EN 45545 (R21) and BS 6853. Alongside this, NitroPhlam365 treated fabrics demonstrate superior tensile and tear strength and optimised abrasion performance, compared to fabrics treated with traditional flammability solutions.
To find out more, visit the brochure: NitroPhlam365