Returns Policy

1.Notify one of our Customer Service Representatives by phone or email and provide us with the following information:
a. Batch number(s) of the fabric;
b. Photo/sample of fabric if affected by a quality issue;
c. Potential impact of a quality issue i.e. number of products affected;
d. Any special requirements for a resolution.


2. Wait for our Customer Service Representative to confirm that your return request has been accepted and to receive your returns labels from our Credit Control Representative.


3. Package the fabric in its original condition (rolled, not folded), in suitable packaging materials and affix a return label to each roll. It is advised that you supply a copy of the delivery label within the package if it is available.


4. Give the packaged fabric to the nominated courier on the date arranged by our Credit Control Representative. It is advised that you retain a copy of the return label and ask the courier to date, print and sign their name as proof of collection and return.

Return Conditions:


1.The customer is responsible for ensuring that the fabric colour and style are correct prior to further processing. The returns procedure will be invalidated if incorrect goods are processed.

2. Customers returning excess stock may do so provided the following criteria is fulfilled:
a. Return request is made within one month of the invoice date;
b. Fabric length is 10 metres or more;
c. Fabric is not custom-made, or customer specified post-treated.


3. Credits to customers returning excess stock or stock that is determined as non-defective upon inspection will be issued minus the following deductions:
a. Handling fee of 30% of the invoice value or £50 (or equivalent currency), whichever of the two is higher;
b. Courier costs (overseas customers only).


4. Customers returning fabric due to a quality issue shall do so within six months of the invoice date. NOTE: this only refers to fabric that has not been subject to further processing. All consumer rights are reserved.


5. If two failed collection attempts are made by the Camira nominated courier, then;
a. It will become the responsibility of the customer to arrange their own return courier; or
b. The customer shall settle all outstanding payments for the fabric concerned.


Reference: SOP-QUAL-003 R1