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Rapido: A high-performance vinyl for rail interiors

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Performance, engineered

A multi-layered vinyl which delivers the highest of performance standards, Rapido has been technically engineered for flexibility, flammability, and durability.

With each layer working in harmony, Rapido delivers on every level – a knitted cotton backing provides enhanced flame retardancy; one layer of PVC creates robust adhesion and an ultra-flexible handle; a second layer of PVC provides colouration and a textured grain surface; a final, durable PU finish brings a layer of protection, and creates the soft, matt look and feel of Rapido.

Flame retardant to EN 45545 (R21) – HL3

The European standard for fire protection on trains, EN 45545 assesses the ignitability, heat release, smoke opacity and toxicity of a material. Implemented to ensure that rail interiors achieve the highest level of safety possible, the regulation allows passengers more time to escape from a carriage in the event of a fire.
Designed and manufactured with safety at its core, Rapido meets EN 45545 to the highest hazard level, HL3.