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Aura: A Moquette Icon



A contemporary classic that is always in style, Aura is the embodiment of timeless design. A wool rich plush, for mass transportation upholstery. This iconic textile blends the rich heritage of transport with the new era of electric through its collection of 9 striking designs in 200 colorways.

From organic orbital swirls in old navy and signal red through to modern, geometric-inspired patterns in lotus yellow and platform grey, the Aura collection truly defines versatility - ensuring there is a shade and style for every type of vehicle.

A contemporary classic, made to last


A true transport classic, Aura was the last fabric to be designed under the Holdsworth banner (a renowned textile manufacturer established in 1822), and has been a beloved and ever-popular product since its launch in 2004. Following Holdsworth's acquisition by Camira in 2012, the range was brought to life for a brand new era through a selection of modern new designs and colorways, and, in 2017, Aura Twist was launched - a reinterpretation which incorporated modern designs on a darker background with carefully selected accent colorways.

Now, as we approach two hundred years of creating transport textiles, we pay homage to the past and look ahead to the future of transport mobility - celebrating the boundless potential and manifest versatility of this icon of wool moquettes, bringing Aura Classic and Aura Twist together to create Aura - a stylish staple of the Camira portfolio.

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Colors for the new era of travel


Designed for the new era of travel, Aura is available in a selection of modern colorways - with a range of zingy limes and deep greens to complement the growing trend for electric vehicles, as well as incorporating monochromatic colorways and classic navy shades to ensure there is truly a shade for every vehicle. With the option to choose between understated base colors accented by striking shots of colors or beautifully bright shades with darker detail, you can opt for elegant simplicity or make a bold style statement - with Aura, the possibilities are endless.

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