200 Years of Transport Textiles: Westchester Bee-Line, 2021

As we approach our two hundred year anniversary in transport textiles, we're taking a look back at some of the most unique, exciting and innovative fabrics created by Camira throughout the decades.

The third in our series is a custom creation for Westchester County's Bee-Line System, developed in collaboration with Paul Kaufmann, Senior Engineering Operations Manager at professional firm STV and Bud Nicoletti, the Westchester County Deputy Commissioner of Public Works and Transportation (now retired).

Nominated by David Marchitello, Camira's North American Sales Representative, the fabric is now featured across 120 buses, playing an integral role in the system's identity and ensuring its beloved bee mascot is visible both inside and out. 

"One of our most playful designs, the Bee-Line fabric is instantly identifiable." Sarah Mallinson, Camira


Working to reflect the Bee-Line corporate colors and bee mascot in fabric, Sarah Mallinson, Designer at Camira, created a design which is instantly identifiable. She comments on the project, "The Bee-Line has such a strong brand identity that it was key that we brought it to life in the textiles featured in the vehicles, and I'm delighted with the end result; it's a fun, playful and unforgettable fabric - passengers instantly know they are on a Bee-Line bus when they see the seating."


An iconic mascot, recreated in fabric


Originally introduced in 1971 the Westchester bus system was initially provided by multiple private companies, leading to confusion over who was responsible for the service. To create a cohesive identity, in 1987 the bus system was relaunched as the Bee-Line and, as part of the new brand, a bee in flight mascot was drawn by famous American cartoonist Jack Davis. This logo is now featured across the custom Camira plush, ensuring it will remain a part of the Bee-Line for many years to come. 


"We created a prominent priority seating fabric, with easy-to-read writing, which reflects the Bee-Line branding."


One of the most important elements of a public transport vehicle, the priority seating section of a bus must be instantly visible to embarking passengers, with clear, accessible print advising which seats are reserved. David comments on this element of the project, "To ensure the key aims were achieved, while ensuring the fabric reflected the system's branding, the color scheme was incorporated into the priority seating design - creating a stylish seating area, which perfectly complements the vehicles' interior."


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