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200 Years of Transport Textiles: An Interview with Michael Holdsworth

As we celebrate 200 years of transport textiles, we're taking a look back at where our story began - in 1822, with a company named Holdsworth.


Featuring an interview with Michael Holdsworth - the sixth generation of the Holdsworth family, and Managing Director from 1979 to 2007 - he explores the highs, lows, incredible achievements and beautiful fabrics made over two centuries of textile manufacturing, before the company was acquired by Camira Group in 2007 and a new era began.

A truly fascinating story that encompasses transport by horse and carriage through to the advent of steam and launch of electric, Michael's knowledge and passion spans a period of time in which so much changed, yet the fabrics on which commuters sat each day remained the same - designed and woven by Holdsworth. 

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