Design and Construction

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It all starts with a design concept - a spark of imagination or a clear cut design brief. We'll work collaboratively with you to help make the whole design process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re a textile novice or a design professional, we’ll put all our textile genius at your disposal.

Design process - how it works:
  • Send us your brief or meet us to discuss your idea, challenge or vision.
  • We can advise on fabric construction, color and technical performance requirements.
  • Go from life-like CAD simulations, generated using the latest textile design software and interior visualisation techniques, to small run production samples.
  • Agree pricing, minimum order requirements and leadtimes.

Fabric types and construction - here are the options:

Cut pile – also known as plush / velour / velvet / moquette (from the French word for carpet), woven on a face to face jacquard loom, where the yarn threads stand upright from the ground structure.

Wire woven – also known as cut and uncut / cut and loop / all cut / all loop, woven on a wire jacquard loom, with a multitude of wiring combinations to create variable touch sensation and visual intrigue.

Flat woven – also known as flat weave / flat cloth, woven on dobby or jacquard looms, with a characteristic flat, two-dimensional surface, created by interlacing warp and weft.

Leather / vinyl – also known as genuine leather / faux leather, with surface embossing, pigmented finishes or polyurethane top coat for added protection.