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Naturally sustainable

A reflection of the undulating Yorkshire Dales landscape, Yoredale is a fabric grounded in sustainability: locally produced, responsibly manufactured, and woven from British wool.

Responsibly manufactured by Camira

Committed to ensuring the county of its creation remains as it always has, each element of Yoredale’s production – from spinning to weaving to dyeing – has been carefully considered and perfectly enacted to create a textile that both honors and protects the environment from which it came.

British wool

Chosen for its exquisite visual appearance, high performance capabilities and incomparable tactility, this natural fiber is one of Britain’s greatest resources, available on our very doorstep. Instilling Yoredale with an unmistakable identity, the wool yarn brings color to life, while also providing the strength and comfort that is the reason wool has remained a cornerstone of British industry for hundreds of years.

Color, design and texture

Inspired by both nature and art, Yoredale’s color palette echoes the changing seasons, skyscapes, fields and forests which clothe the Yorkshire Dales.

Reflected in paintings throughout the ages, these landscapes are nowhere more powerfully depicted than in the radiant works of famed British artist, David Hockney. Born and raised in Yorkshire, Hockney’s countless sketches and paintings of the county reveal its beauty in sometimes startling color. It is this perfectly balanced palette which forms the backdrop to the deep textural intrigue of Yoredale’s chunky hopsack weave.

Yoredale is available in 25 colorways, explore the palette here.