University of Leeds

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Tailored design solutions

Due to the number of different disciplines, subjects and specialities the University is home to, each interior project often has a brief and set of requirements that is unique to the School the space will accommodate. As a result, a range of Camira fabrics feature throughout the campus, incorporating sustainable wool blend fabrics, Synergy and Blazer, alongside wool flax products Patina and Main Line Flax, Rivet - a 100% recycled polyester, and the high performance Honeycomb. So, whether it is an area that has been identified as underperforming and therefore in need of a new lease of life, a room that requires refurbishment, or a building that will be changing its use, the design solution will be tailored to complement its specific purpose.

Informed fabric choices

Indeed, far from rolling out a generic interior for each area, Kyle illustrates how a School’s core values can be used to inform fabric choices: "For example, the School of Earth & Environment may require sustainability to be at the heart of the material specification, sourcing inspiration from natural elements, colors and textures. Whereas the Business School may be interested in practical, durable and vibrant fabrics to reflect its ethos. Camira’s collections are broad and diverse, meaning that they can accommodate the wide variety of projects that we work with on campus."