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Redefining the beauty studio

Bushra explains, “Our design was to focus on redefining a beauty studio experience through the interior. Merging two functions for a new concept had challenges, our aim was to create a new typology away from the common repetitive seating array - creating an enhanced experience and a more social environment.”

Fabrics are a big part of the experience...

Featuring a variety of beautiful seating areas, Two Designers carefully selected fabrics which perfectly complemented both the interior design of the space and the furniture itself.

Choosing Era, a subtle, two tone polyester fabric with a baby herringbone weave, and Vita, a leather-look vinyl with a subtle surface grain effect and full matt appearance, Bushra explains why she opted for these Camira ranges, "Fabrics are a big part of the experience and interaction for the user, so finding the right colour, quality and texture was very important. Era is so stylish, and we love that it has two threads so it shows depth and texture. As for Vita, it has a good durability and is a great alternative to genuine leather." 

Photography: Duncan Chard
Fabrics featured: Era and Vita