Miramonti Hotel

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Designed by Boxx Creative, the interior scheme draws on the elements of earth, fire, air and water, with the materials used throughout the project chosen for their authentic properties, such as carved wooden bedframes, solid trunk coffee tables, round metal bedside tables and soft natural fabrics.

Nicola Keenan, Interior Designer and Co-founder of Boxx Creative describes the process behind their design choices: “We always focus on quality and environmental impact in our work. All design details have been fully considered across the hotel. Locally sourced and sustainable materials were used wherever possible and the build contractor was chosen for his energy saving principles and employment of workers within the area.”

Featuring Main Line Plus, a wool rich versatile plain weave fabric, in the charcoal hue of Girder and Aspect, an Oeko-Tex-certified, textured fabric, in the dusky sage of Catbells, the Camira textiles selected combine environmentally-friendly credentials with natural hues – making them the perfect fit for the Miramonti.

Photography: Mariell Lind Hansen

Fabrics featured: Main Line Plus and Aspect