Meet Craggan Flax

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Natural composition, commercial performance

An updated twist on a Camira classic, Craggan Flax embraces the all-natural credentials of its pure wool predecessor, while also incorporating the innate performance properties of bast fibers. Woven from a wool and flax blend, it can be upholstered in high traffic areas without the need for post treatment, due to its flame retardent properties. 

Complex construction

Deceptively simple, the beauty of Craggan Flax is held in its delicate detail, with each colorway enhanced by a subtle highlight shade that sits quietly in the background of the chunky weave. This visual intrigue is further heightened by the inclusion of flax, which creates an exquisite two-tone effect once the textile has been dyed.

Neutrals and brights

With a color palette that tells two stories, Craggan Flax is available in a range of neutral and bright tones. Refined to 15 considered colorways, this versatile selection of colors can be balanced, blended or used in isolation to create an upholstery scheme that is perfect for your interior. 

 At a glance

  • Deeply textured with a chunky weave

  • Naturally sustainable, woven from a wool and flax blend

  • Inherently flame retardant without the need for any additional chemical post treatment

  • Suitable for task and soft seating 

  • Available in 15 colorways