City Library Oberhausen Sterkrade

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Vivid colors

With such a large space, freestanding shelves and seating have been installed to separate areas along with fixed seating on the walls to surround specific sections. With thoughtful attention to design, different colors are used to segment sections such as reading, games and topic areas. The vivid colors are inspired by the ceiling colors in the existing building and the high contrasting colors, seen in both the interior and surrounding architecture, provide graphic directions for visitors to different areas of the library.

The library features standard furniture and also bespoke designs, giving the space its own unique identity and autonomy. Camira’s fabric is used on the seating throughout, including Halcyon Cedar in Nutmeg, Lake, Tiger-Lily, Gooseberry and Botanic with Blazer Plymouth also featuring on a selection of the seats.

Founded nearly 10 years ago, UKW Innenarchitekten’s interior design team works closely with public authorities focussing on projects for city, district and university libraries. UKW also work with medical practices, offices and retail.

Photography by Jens Kirchner.