Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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Making the difference is at the core of Camira and what we strive to achieve, whether it’s through the products we produce or our impact on the environment and wider community. We put our heart and souls into making fabrics but with a sense of real responsibility for the bigger picture – having a positive effect and leaving a legacy.

This passion and integrity is the foundation for our social, economic and environmental responsibilities, as well as creating sustainable value for our shareholders, customers and employees.

Camira’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is underlined by guiding principles, taking care of the world around us and working towards changes that can make a difference.

Our guiding principles:

  • Minimise the impact and maximise the benefits of our operations on the environment and the people around us
  • Build and maintain the highest standards amongst our suppliers and take practical steps to guard against exploitation of workers, forced labour, harassment, intimidation and human trafficking
  • Comply with, and where practicable exceed, all applicable regulations, legislation and codes of practice
  • Uphold openness, honesty, partnership and fairness in our relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders with regular communication of our strategies, targets and performance
  • Operate in ways that protect against unfair business practices
  • Provide a clean, safe and healthy working environment
  • Promote inclusiveness, equality of opportunity and diversity in our employment practices, policies and procedures
  • Support and encourage charitable giving through company initiatives, collaborations and product developments
  • Continually measure, review and improve our approach to CSR

Commercial Director
Dated: December 2019

Reference: POL-TMAN-006-R2

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