Bringing the craft of precision engineering to fabric solutions, Camira Knit illuminates a whole new world of creative textile potential.


Designing fabrics that fit a chair so perfectly, they seem inextricably linked. Creating lighting solutions so delicately encased, they appear to have been made as one. Manufacturing panel coverings so exquisitely solutions, they look to have been made in synchronicity. 

Each Camira Knit fabric has been crafted for one sole purpose – and it shows.

Camira knit

Knitting technical textiles since the turn of the millennium, we are experts in the field.


For over two decades we have established, perfected and pioneered our knitting skills. The perfect complement to our weaving expertise, this element of our advanced technological capabilities is one of our most groundbreaking innovations - and holds the most exciting possibilities.


Collaborative creations


Based in Nottingham, England, our base is British, but our appeal is global - and we don’t let an ocean prevent us from working collaboratively with some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Discussing ideas, creating prototypes and fine-tuning each and every thread, we work together to develop products that are truly revolutionary.

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Technical knitting for high design, high performance fabric components


A compelling blend of revolutionary design and operational benefits, Camira Knit enhances furniture creation in both tangible terms and aesthetic appeal, providing a range of key benefits:


  • Custom made fabric solutions
  • Perfectly fitted fabrics, 3D and mesh
  • Inbuilt ergonomics
  • Zero-waste manufacturing
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Easy upholstery, reduced time
  • Reduced material usage, increased yield
  • Light touch eco-textiles


Zero waste by nature, custom made by creation, and effortless application by design, Camira Knit is a state-of-the-art manufacturing capability with human considerations at its core.

Knit 3

ShrinKnit: an innovative thermal technology


Exclusive to Camira, using patented Shrinx technology, ShrinKnit offers the ultimate in fit.


How does it work?


Providing incredible ease of upholstery, each ShrinKnit component is knitted to a larger dimension than a chair's frame. Once manufactured, it is free from tension and can be applied to a frame or cushion in moments, before being shrunk by heart to create the perfect fit.

Bespoke by nature, each ShrinKnit fabric is an entirely zero-waste upholstery option, eliminating the need for cutting and sewing, and ensuring its sustainable credentials are as high as its performance capabilities.

Shrinx Snippet 1

Creative color


Experts in creating the perfect hue for the perfect piece, color is what we do.


Whether you’d like a standard shade, have a Pantone picked, or just an idea of the palette you’d like for your product, our team will exactly match, beautifully blend, or carefully develop the ideal colorways for your design.


From the palest pastel to the brightest bold, a solid coloration to a delicate mélange, there is no limit to the spectrum of color possibilities with Camira Knit.


State-of-the-art, zero-waste manufacturing

The strikingly modern aesthetic of knit is a reflection of the manufacturing process behind it. Using state-of-the-art flat-bed weft knitting machines, each textile component is created to exact measurements using just two basic inputs – yarn and electricity – to ensure an environmentally benevolent, waste-free method of production.


Environmentally certified


Each 100% polyester filament yarn used in Camira Knit fabrics is certified to the global OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and each knitted creation is accredited to the EU Ecolabel environmental standard for textile products.


Sustainable design

To provide the ultimate in sustainable design, all Camira Knits have the option to be created in: 


  • NewLife™ yarn: Made from post-consumer PET plastic bottles.
  • SEAQUAL® yarn: Made from post-consumer marine waste plastic.
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