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Camira launches Custom Design Studio

August 23, 2023byJennifer Ogden

We’ve expanded our services to include a new Custom Design Studio which allows us to translate your designs onto woven base fabrics. Using the latest digital print technology, Custom Design Studio brings designs to life, on luxurious printed wools and wool-bast fibre blends.

Our studio will work with you to create custom collections for upholstery, drapery, accessories, wall art and murals. From design to sampling, to production, it’s a straightforward process and our experts in print and weave, supporting you every step of the way.

Our state-of-the-art digital printing technology, which is engineered and optimised to penetrate woven natural fibres, uses acid dyes for deeper, richer, colour saturation and permanence. It’s technically robust, aesthetically stunning and it all takes place in our manufacturing facility in Huddersfield, where 100 looms are in constant production, ensuring immediate stock availability on woven fabrics and ultra-quick turnarounds on printed fabrics.

With outstanding technical performance and an unrivalled environmental profile, our print base fabrics are available in carefully curated wool and wool-bast fibre blends in a range of woven structures and textures. Choose from ecru or a selection of pre-dyed bases to suit your design.

To get started, send us your design (we can work with a variety of file formats) and we can produce 1m² sample lengths very quickly. Realising the power of digital, our base fabrics are transformed from plain to a permanently printed pattern, in a single automated process in which inks are fixed and fabrics finished ready for despatch.

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