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Yoredale: A bouclé fabric, now available in 33 colorways.

An ultra-textured bouclé made from British wool, Yoredale is an upholstery fabric with an inimitable identity. A black binder yarn twists within the looping weave to create a delicate detail that accentuates the texture of the textile, and makes it distinctly unique.
Now available in 33 colours, the Yoredale palette has been expanded to incorporate the natural, the neutral, and the now.


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The softest of shades


As the ever-blurring line between home and office continues to dissipate, our approach to color has softened with it. We want to be surrounded by the colors and tones we associate with relaxation, concentration, and domestication no matter the place - and the new Yoredale palette has them all.

Delicate pastels and the most soothing of shades are accented by grounding neutrals, so you can create a calming scheme that is perfect for the home, the office, or anywhere else.

Naturally flame retardant, stain repellent, and durable.


Woven using British wool, this natural fiber is one of our greatest resources - with incomparable tactility, innate durability, and inherent flame retardancy. Delivering commercial level performance, with the aesthetics of a domestic textile, Yoredale is certified for Heavy Duty use, achieves wide ranging flammability standards, and can be further enhanced to meet Crib 5 Medium Hazard.

Furniture featured: Amelia by Boss Design
Fabric featured: Yoredale in Gordale

Carefully curated color families


Made to blend, the color families within Yoredale make for the easiest of shade selections. Natural tonal partners are expanded with surrounding shades, while the wider palette is filled with tones which effortlessly complement.

Developed alongside our most-loved wools, Yoredale works beautifully alongside SumiMain Line FlaxMain Line Twist, and Blazer

The beauty of bouclé


With its unique, textured appearance, bouclé is the perfect way to bring visual interest and depth to interiors and furniture pieces. Perennially popular, the distinctive looped yarns of this fabric create an irregular, appealing surface pattern that makes bouclé irresistibly touchable, and indisputably stylish.

To bring the beauty of bouclé to your next project, explore Yoredale today.

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