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Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand, has undergone a major transformation by creating bespoke, modern working spaces to support contemporary applied teaching and learning approaches that better prepare students for the future of work.

Relax into lounge chairs 


Synergy was selected for its soft warmth, comforting feel and ability to withstand a highly utilised student environment. Unitec wanted students to be able to feel at home and relax into lounge chairs like their own home. The huge colour choice within the Synergy range also appealed to make the space vibrant and colourful. The Main Line Flax fabric is used in coordination with Synergy for additional colour options and textures.

Unitec Big Square

The building architects chose a minimal classic colour palette, showing colour through the carpet selection. The seating fabrics help bring the building to life with strong colours and the range of shades selected reflect the diversity of users. One of the lounge chairs from UFL was upholstered in a hexagonal stitched quilt version of Synergy, adding a homelier feel and another level of texture and interest to all the finishes in the space. 

Both Christian Hurzeler, Project Director and Katherine MacGillivray, Project Manager at Unitec wanted to deliver a relaxed and liveable environment for the students.

A social learning building 


Working with ASC Architects, one part of the project was to renovate the HUB Building, which has been renamed to Te Puna, meaning spring. The new student centre has been designed to celebrate the Wairaka stream which runs through the campus and its spring, Te Wai Unuroa o Wairaka, with large windows so you can see the water from every floor.

The intention with the seating was to create a relaxed, inviting space for students to spend time between classes. Te Puna is a social learning building that incorporates the main library, informal learning spaces and lounge areas, shops and student support services. With such a hub, the seating had to accommodate a large footfall and connect all the different uses.

Furniture suppliers UFLKada and Cite fulfilled this need with a range of different seats, upholstered in Camira’s fabrics. 


Unitec Portrait

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