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Penta, a worsted wool fabric in 33 colors

Woven from worsted wool, Penta takes its name from five delicately selected yarns which combine to create enticing, complex colors, and harmonious multi-tonal hues. Borrowed from Ancient Greece, the name Penta derives from the classical Greek ‘pente’, meaning five.

A unique construction


Color woven, each of Penta’s 33 shades are intricately crafted using three different warp colours and two different weft colors; the singular yarns blend seamlessly together to create one iridescent color. The fabric’s unique construction creates a polychromatic effect, and the micro pattern detailing adds a touch of timeless beauty to commercial and residential interiors.

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A perfect palette


Penta’s soft glow and cellular surface detail celebrates contemporary interior trends which are reflected in the fabric’s weave construction and worsted wool composition. This natural textile exudes style and sophistication; inspired by finely tailored worsted wool suits, Penta has a beautiful drape and handle and a perfectly considered color palette.

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A multiplicity of uses


Resembling an artist’s paint palette, Penta’s vibrant and distinctive colors work well together, as well as in isolation, making it a versatile textile for wide ranging applications including upholstery, panels, curtains and acoustics. Certified for commercial use, Penta achieves key FR standards and could form the base of an interior scheme, be used as an accent, or feature throughout.


Expanding our family of worsted wool fabrics, Penta works in harmony with other wool-rich fabric ranges including Sumi, Synergy and Blazer.


To order a free sample visit Penta's product page

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