Lazerian Space

 The first physical retail shop for Manchester-based multi-disciplinary studio LazerianLazerian Space is located in the city's centre and is an impactful hybrid of art gallery and sculptural installation, combined with a cafe-bar where customers can unwind and relax whilst actually being a part of the creative installation itself. 

A striking work of art with sustainability at its core, the project features 6 large aluminium pods which are upholstered in Oceanic, our fabric born of the SEAQUAL Initiative designed to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment. 

We spoke with Liam Hopkins, founder of Lazerian & Lazerian Space, to learn more about this unique creation, and find out the inspiration behind its design and implementation. 

"The pods provide a safe ​space to be enveloped and comforted."


Could you tell us a little about the inspiration behind Lazerian Space?

Lazerian Space is something that has been a longstanding vision of mine - I’ve always wanted to create a creative space for people to enjoy in a relaxed and informal setting, and I think a collection of different factors have been the inspiration behind it coming to fruition.

One of the main objectives with the installation was to create a business that can be a circular economy, and by showing people it can be done I’m hoping to inspire others to think more about their eco-credentials themselves. An essential element of this was using eco-friendly suppliers, products and services; and a lot of the companies I worked with were a huge inspiration in the types of products and services offered, and the lengths they are going to ensure a more environmentally friendly approach.

The way in which people have responded and reacted to the Coronavirus pandemic was also a key source of inspiration - the pods are reflective of the individual little worlds we lived in during lockdown, whilst the spacing between them was inspired by social distancing, and the spectrum of colours seen throughout the space evoke the rainbows which were used as a message of hope and support throughout the last year. Through Lazerian Space, I wanted to show people that it is okay to now venture out, and the pods can provide a safe space to be enveloped and comforted without feeling fearful or apprehensive.

"The story behind how a material is made and what it stands for is just as important as the aesthetics."


Why did you choose Oceanic - our fabric woven from marine plastic waste - for the installation?

Choosing the right material was of high importance to the project, and the story behind how it's made is just as important as the aesthetics - especially when it comes to the sustainability of a material - which is why we were excited to use Oceanic. It’s a great quality material, which not only looks and feels great with its intricate twill weave, but what it stands for is something that has always been of vital importance to Lazerian and my own personal ethics. Feeling that I could be helping, even in such a small way, to combat marine plastic pollution and pass this information along and spread the message of the importance of using such sustainable products felt like the right thing to do.

"I envisage the space full of people."


How do you envisage Lazerian Space being experienced by visitors?

The purpose of the installation is to gather people together in a safe, yet fun, environment. Art is about inspiring others and that’s what I want to do with regards to Lazerian Space. To inspire, to evolve and to create. I envisage the space full of people - with friends, family and loved ones enjoying the surroundings, and using all aspects of their individual senses.

Alongside providing visitors with an enjoyable experience, I also wanted to create a fully sustainable circular economy business - not just to show people it can be done, but that it can be done in style. Working with local suppliers who may have experienced difficulties during lockdown was inspiring - and to see businesses, especially from industries that have been so hard hit by the pandemic, continue to produce and supply high quality goods is a lesson that we should all learn from - never give up and always keep striving.

Visit Lazerian Space


Address: 24-26 King St, Manchester, M26AY
Opening times: Weekends only for bookings and walk-ins but upcoming creative events and workshops will be offered during the week
Bookings: Click here

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