GDPR - data protection and you

What has changed?


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation which builds upon existing data protection acts and came into full effect from 25th May 2018. This legislation creates new legal obligations which impact the way in which organisations protect and handle individual’s personal information.


Who does it affect?


GDPR affects all living people within the EU and the protection of their personal information. It applies to all organisations, public and private, anywhere in the world that handle, store or process the personal information of people living within the EU. 


What principles does it cover?


  • The protection of your personal information and your rights.
  • Increased rights in relation to personal infromation held.
  • Only processing and keeping data where there is a good reason for doing so.
  • The types of personla information collected and how it is used.
  • How personal information is kept accurate and secure.
  • Increased penalties for non-compliance.


How does it affect Camira?


GDPR is affecting Camira in many ways and we have been working hard to understand the principles of this legislation by reviewing how we collect, process and store personal information.

  • New policies/procedures – including new data protection and privacy policies which explain how we use and protect your information.
  • We are implementing new privacy notices at all points of personal data collection.
  • Ensuring we have the relevant opt-in consent for communications as required.
  • Updating our procedures for requests about personal information.
  • Engaging with suppliers and partners to embrace the data protection changes.


If you have any queries please contact

Alternatively write to The Data Governance Team, Camira Fabrics Ltd, The Watermill, Wheatley Park, Mirfield, WF14 8HE, United Kingdom

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