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Wired, a strikingly modern transport textile

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Complex texture, visual intrigue

A modern construction which reflects the appearance of a flat cloth, while creating an irresistibly tactile finish through its contrasting textures, Wired is an ingenious wire-woven textile.

Woven using specialist jacquard looms, a complex process of design and manufacturing combines both cut pile and loop pile on the same fabric surface to create complexity and intrigue within the finished fabric.

Innovative designs, custom capabilities

An incredibly versatile fabric, the design capability within Wired is vast - from intricate patterns and design motifs through to graduated colours and delicate dappling, the effects are technically outstanding and visually striking.

As a made-to-order collection with 17 patterns to choose from, Wired encompasses an array of refined designs, and is also available as a custom made product - enabling operators to create a fabric which perfectly reflects their brand and complements their vehicles' interior. 

Three-dimensional colour

With colour and texture working in harmony, the loop pile featured within Wired creates a three-dimensional illusion of additional colours in each design, providing tonal depth.

For a contemporary upholstery solution, Wired designs can be mixed and matched with ease, and pair beautifully with a number of products in our collection, including Vita.