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Rapido: A high-performance vinyl for rail interiors

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A distinctly modern vinyl

Designed to reflect the natural grain and finish of genuine leather, Rapido delivers the appealing tactility and comfort that makes for an improved passenger experience. 

Custom colours

A made-to-order product, Rapido can be produced in the perfect colourway for your rail interior. Whether you have a shade in mind, a Pantone reference, or a Camira fabric you would like to complement, we can match it and make it.

With a minimum order quantity of just 100 metres, this leather-look vinyl makes bespoke accessible.

Perfect pairings

Complementing the soft surface of moquette and flat woven fabrics, Rapido can be paired with other Camira capabilities to create an array of versatile upholstery solutions.

Performance, engineered

A multi-layered vinyl which delivers the highest of performance standards, Rapido has been technically engineered for flexibility, flammability, and durability.

With each layer working in harmony, Rapido delivers on every level – a knitted cotton backing provides enhanced flame retardancy; one layer of PVC creates robust adhesion and an ultra-flexible handle; a second layer of PVC provides colouration and a textured grain surface; a final, durable PU finish brings a layer of protection, and creates the soft, matt look and feel of Rapido.

Easy clean surface

With a bleach cleanable surface, Rapido can be quickly disinfected for enhanced sanitisation in today’s hygiene-conscious world.

Guaranteed flexibility 

With a knitted cotton backing and pliable composition, Rapido is highly flexible. Certified to ISO 7854 400,000 cycles, this test demonstrates the product’s resistance to damage by flexing and guarantees that it is ideal for upholstery on seating, piping, and headrests in rail interiors.

Enhanced durability 

Achieving over 100,000 Martindale rubs, the soft, semi-matt surface and easy drape of Rapido belies its high durability.

Flame retardant to EN 45545 (R21) – HL3

The European standard for fire protection on trains, EN 45545 assesses the ignitability, heat release, smoke opacity and toxicity of a material. Implemented to ensure that rail interiors achieve the highest level of safety possible, the regulation allows passengers more time to escape from a carriage in the event of a fire.
Designed and manufactured with safety at its core, Rapido meets EN 45545 to the highest hazard level, HL3.