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A clean grey overlaid with oversized plaid, the neutrality of this base palette is enhanced by the striking shot of colour infused through its pattern. Using the same composition as our Synergy fabric, the subtle woven design of Landscape Balance invokes the classicality of a traditional check with a distinctly contemporary feel, making it perfect for use in the modern workspace.



Features & Uses

  • Task Seating
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Uses.TaskSeating Task Seating
  • Soft Seating
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Uses.SoftSeating Soft Seating
  • Cigarette & Match
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Features.Cigarette_Match Cigarette & Match
  • 10 Year guarantee
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Guarantee.10Year 10 Year guarantee

With Treatment

    • Medium Hazard
      (with treatment)
      ProductIcons.WithTreatmeants.Hazard.MediumHazardWithTreatment Medium Hazard
      (with treatment)