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Taking its cue from traditional Japanese textiles, the worsted wool Kyoto features an innovative printed yarn which creates a fluid and fluctuating check, perfectly complemented by the relaxed aesthetic of the lightly textured fabric. Crafted to work in harmony as a textile pairing, the striated grid of Kyoto is beautifully balanced by the versatile, hopsack weave of Sumi - making these two elegantly refined fabrics ideal to feature alongside one another.


Features & Uses

  • Task Seating
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Uses.TaskSeating Task Seating
  • Soft Seating
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Uses.SoftSeating Soft Seating
  • Acoustic
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Features.Acoustic Acoustic
  • Cigarette & Match
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Features.Cigarette_Match Cigarette & Match
  • 10 Year guarantee
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Guarantee.10Year 10 Year guarantee

With Treatment

    • Panel
      (with treatment)
      ProductIcons.WithTreatmeants.Hazard.Panel Panel
      (with treatment)
    • Curtains
      (with treatment)
      ProductIcons.WithTreatmeants.Hazard.CurtainsWithTreatment Curtains
      (with treatment)
    • Medium Hazard
      (with treatment)
      ProductIcons.WithTreatmeants.Hazard.MediumHazardWithTreatment Medium Hazard
      (with treatment)