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Warmly welcoming, Craggan Flax is a textile to make any interior feel like home. Deeply textured and thickly woven, it effortlessly blends comfort with style to bring irresistible tactility and visual detail to both task and soft seating. Crafted from a blend of wool and flax, this sustainable fabric retains the raw appeal of its natural composition, whilst possessing the contemporary aesthetic of a chunky weave to provide an element of stylised texture.


Features & Uses

  • Task Seating
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Uses.TaskSeating Task Seating
  • Soft Seating
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Uses.SoftSeating Soft Seating
  • Cigarette & Match
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Features.Cigarette_Match Cigarette & Match
  • Medium Hazard
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Hazard.MediumHazard Medium Hazard
  • 10 Year guarantee
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Guarantee.10Year 10 Year guarantee