Revolution, Recyled Wool
Product Story

Revolution, a recycled wool fabric

A textile Revolution


A change-making, industry-shaking fabric, Revolution is a breakthrough in textile circularity.

The first fabric to be produced using Camira’s advanced textile recycling capability, iinouiio, Revolution uses waste wool yarn from our own manufacturing processes to create a fabric that is truly closing the loop, and opening the door to a new, exciting era of sustainability.

Rooted in heritage


Developed at our manufacturing sites in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, the creation of Revolution is inspired by a local, traditional technique of wool recycling known as ‘shoddy’ manufacturing.

First established in Yorkshire in the 1800s, the ’shoddy’ process saw used wool garments recycled to create new yarn and fabric, and was incredibly popular until the advent of synthetic materials, such as polyester, caused it to become obsolete at the end of the twentieth century.
Recycled Wool Yarn

Reimagined for today


Built on the same principle as ‘shoddy’ cloth, Revolution is created using our waste wool yarns. These yarns are sorted into colour groups before being mechanically pulled apart, shredded, and stripped back into fibre form. The recycled wool fibres are then blended with virgin wool before being carded, spun, and woven into fabric.   

Using state-of-the-art machinery and high-quality wool yarns, Revolution performs to the highest commercial performance levels, and is a powerful illustration of how lessons from the past can be used to innovate in the present, for the good of the future. 

A story continued


A textile with a story to tell, Revolution’s appeal lays in the life it lived before. Like memories in the mind’s eye, the waste wool yarn creates flecks of colour which float on the fabric’s surface. An irregular twill weave highlights this delicate visual detail, lending Revolution an intimate, homespun aesthetic. 

Colour, recycled


In a mindful use of waste, each shade in the Revolution colour palette has been lovingly developed with the original colouration of the recycled woollen fibres as its base. This innovative method of colour curation virtually eliminates the concept of dyeing, reducing the use of chemical dye stuffs, and celebrating the beauty of both recycled yarn and colour. 

With a 10-shade selection that contains classic and contemporary tones, modern peach sits alongside ink blue, darkest grey and neutral camel to create a palette with possibilities for every interior. 

Made to be used, all over again


Recycling waste and removing limitations, Revolution extends the lifespan of wool, enabling this precious natural resource to be used all over again – as fabric, on furniture. 

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