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A global leader in the contract furnishings industry, Haworth is renowned for its beautiful furniture, innovative solutions and adaptable workspaces. With an overarching commitment to sustainability, the company is passionate about both producing and using environmentally responsible products, and it was therefore a natural choice for Oceanic - our first SEAQUAL fabric - to become part of the Haworth textile portfolio.


As Alexis Putman,  Colours, Materials & Finishes Designer at Haworth, explains, “We believe taking a circular approach to designing products and materials is one of the biggest opportunities our industry and its partners have to create a sustainable future - and that’s why we’re proud to provide our customers with Oceanic, a beautiful upcycled-plastic grade B polyester upholstery fabric."

“Oceanic is the next wave in recycled polyester fabrics.”


“Sustainability has always been a core value to us. It is something that is near and dear to our hearts." Alexis continues. "As a global company, we are dedicated to building a circular economy - one in which resources are continually reused, recycled, and upcycled to reduce waste - and Oceanic is the next wave in recycled polyester fabrics. To take plastic from the ocean and turn it into something useful, and beautiful, is an evolution from recycling the same content over and over; we’re actually helping to make the earth and its oceans cleaner through using this fun, innovative, and environmentally responsible textile.”
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Marine plastic waste, made beautiful.


Woven from a blend of 50% SEAQUAL yarn, created from plastic collected by fishermen from the sea and beaches, and 50% recycled polyester yarn, created from post-consumer plastic bottles diverted from landfill, Oceanic is part of a movement to achieve a waste free environment. Designed with a conscience, this fabric is beautiful in both composition and aesthetics. 

Contributing to reducing marine plastic pollution in a tangible way, each metre contains the equivalent of 26 plastic bottles and, to further assist in the fight against plastic waste, Camira makes a give-back donation directly to the SEAQUAL Initiative for every metre of SEAQUAL fabric sold to support their work in cleaning our oceans. 
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