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Camira Knit

Camira Knit: Boss Sia Chair

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Built with circularity in mind.

Working together to reduce Sia’s carbon impact across every component and material, the design and procurement teams at Boss Design were able to ensure that its total carbon footprint is just 58.02kg CO2e, significantly lower than the industry average for task chairs. 

The chair has also been designed with circularity in mind, with no adhesives used, enabling it to be easily separated for repair and recovery of components. Consisting of 70.6% recycled content, including 43.1% post-consumer recycled plastics, this approach helps the planet by absorbing plastic waste and, at the end of its working life, 99.4% of Sia’s materials can be recycled - to be used all over again.

“Sia is an exciting design exploration on our sustainability journey. It offers unparalleled choice with a light carbon footprint.”

Mark Barrell, Design Director, Boss Design

Featuring zero-waste Camira Knit fabrics made from SEAQUAL® YARN.

Available in four impeccable Camira Knit designs, these knit-to-fit fabrics enhance the environmental credentials of the chair as each textile component is created to exact measurements using just two basic inputs – yarn and electricity. This guarantees an environmentally benevolent, waste-free method of production. 

Going further, each Camira Knit design is made using SEAQUAL® YARN - created using upcycled marine plastic. Darren Hill, Head of Camira Knit, comments, "The perfect example of sustainable design, Sia is a beautiful seat which we were delighted to work on with the team at Boss Design. The Camira Knit fabrics bring an element of luxury through their high-end aesthetics and are also exceptionally comfortable due to the ergonomic support they provide."