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"We wanted to create the first sustainable pram."

Could you tell us a little about ANGELCAB?

ANGELCAB designs, develops and manufactures baby prams and pram accessories with a focus on natural materials and production processes in Engelthal („angel valley“), Bavaria. When we started ANGELCAB in 2008, we wanted to create the first sustainable pram. In addition to the quality of the components used, we put great emphasis on comfort and simple, intuitive operation. Over the years, we have been able to further develop and also patent many useful details.

What is your design process when developing a new pram?

As we sell direct, we stay very close to our customers and can learn from them, with very short feedback loops, resulting in the constant development and improvement of our products. We see ourselves as a customer-centric brand, as we design and develop everything with and around our customers. The design process is therefore never finite, whereby the design of the product can change a great deal over the years from the actual initial concept.


"Our design principles are durability, repairability, and sustainability."

What is important to you when designing and manufacturing your products?

Since all other pram manufacturers hardly use natural materials and instead rely on polyester and synthetic materials, we often have to develop new processes in order to be able to use certain fibres or manufacturing processes in our products. We benefit greatly from our network with other brands in different industries, all of whom have the goal of creating more efficient products with a focus on people and our environment. Our design principles are durability, repairability, sustainable materials and a sufficiency-oriented sourcing and production process.

How does sustainability feature within your products?

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. With the focus on natural materials and the challenge to find natural substitutes for synthetic components in the first years, we are now entering spheres that we did not even have on our radar years ago. An example of this is cotton or rattan. Both come from distant countries, so that the balance of what is actually a completely natural material is greatly worsened by the long transport routes. Instead of cotton and rattan, we are now increasingly using flax and willow, which come from France or Spain and require much less water.

"Main Line Flax is a great addition to our textile collections."

Why did you choose Main Line Flax as a material option?

For many years we have been using wool, which is highly robust and has excellent temperature-regulating properties - the ideal outdoor fibre. Mixing these with flax fibres is the logical further development and therefore a great addition to our textile collections. The colour shades are natural and subtle, but not boring. The surface is softer and more pleasant in direct contact with the skin compared to a pure wool fabric.

What does the future hold for ANGELCAB?

In the future, we want to continue to scrutinise every detail and optimise it even further. Even if it is not very comprehensible from an economic point of view, we would like to produce fewer and fewer products that are then used, repaired, and passed on for longer.