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Camira Technical Knitting

Technical Knitting: Part of our heritage, made for the future.


For over two decades we have established, perfected and pioneered our technical knitting skills. The perfect complement to our weaving expertise, this element of our capabilities is one of our proudest achievements - and holds the most exciting possibilities.  

Epitomising the concept of bespoke design, each knit created by Camira Technical Knitting is made for one sole, unique, purpose: to perfectly fit a customer’s product. From task seating to panel coverings and lamp casings, there isn’t a design too intricate, or concept too imaginative, that our team cannot create the ideal knit to fit. 

Based in Nottingham, England, our base is British but our appeal is global – and we don’t let an ocean prevent us from working collaboratively with some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Discussing ideas, creating prototypes and fine-tuning each and every thread, we work together to develop products that are truly ground-breaking – pushing boundaries in aesthetics, form and function.

 To celebrate Camira Technical Knitting and all it can do, we’ve taken a look back at some of our most innovative designs – we can’t wait to see what, together, we create next... 

Shift Lounge Chair by Moooi

Revolutionising the traditional foldable chair, the Shift Lounge Chair by Moooi is both practical, whilst also combining chic aesthetics with high comfort. 

Camira Technical Knitting worked closely with Moooi and designer Jonas Forsman to create the complex backrest to suit the aesthetic of the chair’s design. The original brief was to create a folding chair with a homely look rather than anything too corporate and to assist the user better than a standard plastic chair.
The carefully engineered fabric for the backrest is designed to support in the lumbar area when the chair is erect, with the ability to collapse flat and not to be too baggy when folded. Technical Knitting achieved this using a combination of different structures and tensions throughout the fabric.

With a completely unique design, no two chairs are the same due to the mélange effect on the back. 

Trinetic Chair by Boss Design


As the world’s first fully certified task chair to provide dynamic support without the need for manual user adjustments, Trinetic by Boss Design has set the benchmark for the next generation of task seating.

Three independent pivot points combine with a flexible seat and backrest to cradle the user in an ergonomically-sound position without the need for manual intervention.

Trinetic provides tangible circulatory and musculoskeletal benefits, designed to actively and intuitively support the thousands of micro-movements that we make across every hour of every day.

Featuring a mesh created by Camira Technical Knitting, and using our exclusive SHRiNX technology, Trinetic is the perfect answer for flexible and agile work environments – providing exquisite aesthetics, and exceptional comfort.

Haze by Zero Lighting

Illustrating the innovative, contemporary appeal of Camira Technical Knitting, the Haze pendant by Zero Lighting is a strikingly modern lamp, bringing both style and illumination to any interior.

Designed by British designer Samuel Wilkinson, the light features a 3D knitted mesh fabric which perfectly encases the LED lamp within. Working closely with both Samuel and Zero, Camira Technical Knitting developed the covering to mimic the fading effect of light through a fabric. Beautifully simple, witth undoubted interior impact, Haze is is truly a work of art.
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