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Camira Knit

The Island by Sarit Shani Hay

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"I was designing with both children and adults in mind."

How did you come to specify Camira fabric for this project?

I had the extreme luck to come across Camira fabric while working on another project, a kids’ club for an upscale hotel here in Israel. I saw it, and instantly fell in love with it. It had exactly the look, feel and quality that I knew would be perfect to work with and I told myself then and there that I would use it for a special project. This Island installation seemed like the perfect fit.
What fabric qualities were important to you when designing this installation?

Because of the nature of this installation, I was looking for a fabric that had an organic quality to it, warm and natural looking. I found the wool Blazer Camira fabric I used to be ideal to create sculptural forms because of its textural composition. I was designing with both children and adults in mind so wanted a heavy duty fabric of high quality that could sustain movement and play, as well as comfortable enough to encourage those relaxing to stay awhile. Additionally, the quality of the fabric was ideal for us to stitch in rings to further give the feeling of motion and natural imagery within the sculptural, abstract forms.

"When children visit the installation, it really excites them and sparks their imagination because of the abstract, versatile shapes and grey colour tones."

The delicate grey colour beautifully complements the organic shapes of the installation, could you tell us a little about what drew you to the shade?

I wanted a monochromatic look, very abstract, so that the observer could interpret what he/she sees for him/herself and react accordingly. There is something mysterious and beautiful about the tones, textures, shapes and calming effects of this specific Silverdale Blazer fabric which supported my initial intent to create an island of silence. However, the installation was able to evolve and it represents something uniquely different for whomever comes to observe or play. When children visit the installation, it really excites them and sparks their imagination because of the abstract, versatile shapes and grey colour tones.

"I instantly knew I had to work with Camira's fabrics."

Are there any specific properties of Camira fabrics that appeal to you?

When I inquired further and learned about Camira and the fabrics, I was really impressed. Beyond its desirable look and feel, I was incredibly happy to learn that it is fire safe. Given that a large majority of my projects are designed for children, this is a very important attribute. When I find a fabric that can both beautifully express the imagery of my designs, as well as have the durability and safety attributes needed when working with children, it’s a rare find and a fabric I know I have to work with!  

"Each child finds a new playful way to enjoy the island."

What has been the response to 'The Island' by visitors to the exhibition?

There are two special anecdotes I would like to share that I was fortunate to experience during the exhibition of this installation. One comes from the museum guard who sits where this installation is being exhibited. She told me how she felt so safe guarding the space, and how she wanted this Island for her home to sit on, read on and to listen to classical music on it. It was a very soothing and calming space for her. Although I never envisioned this installation for the home environment, I was extremely flattered and comforted to hear this. 

The second gratifying moment came when observing children's’ reactions to the island. It was very moving for me because they were really exploring and interacting with the installation, each time a different child found a new playful way to enjoy the island. This was by far the biggest compliment.

Photography by: Roni Cnaani