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Camira Knit

Camira x Nina Bruun

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What was your inspiration for the Camira x Nina Bruun collaboration?  

"Post-pandemic work life and sustainability were the important themes of the project, and my inspiration was, without a doubt, the fabrics in themselves. It was very exciting to combine all the beautiful textures and colours, and I loved creating the different moodboard scenes with them. The aim was to tell a story about everyday places and create atmosphere with the help of objects, colours, textures and materials."

Tell us about the theme for each scene.

"With this series, it was important to understand what home, office and break mean to people, and then combine that perception with some of the current trends.

The Office is light, and colourwise a bit colder, but I wanted the fabrics to have the focus and do their trick and add warmth with textures. It's a fresh start at your workplace after months away - isn't that what we all need these days?

In the Home version I focused on warm, welcoming colours and materials. I wanted to create that delicate home office where you would want to sit all day (even though the sofa is only metres away).

The Break had to have this local but yet exotic vibe, highlighted by flowers, deep colours and a mix of materials. I want the viewer to be dragged out and away - sort of like a mini-vacation."

There are some beautiful furniture pieces and materials featured in the images, why did you choose these particular ones?

"When tuning in on the project and choosing the elements for the moodboard sustainability played a role, so besides Camira's sustainable fabric collection, materials such as ocean plastic, reused glass, paper, nature elements played an important role choosing furniture and accessories. It's always a bit of a puzzle doing a project with this many elements as they all tell a story and play a visual role."

Furniture featured (all Normann Copenhagen): Track BasketHyg Chair SwivelForm ChairBit StoolTales of Wood Office Bin.