Group Environmental Policy

Camira aims to demonstrate environmental best practice across all business activities by operating to the highest environmental standards and continuing to be leaders in a pioneering, design led, sustainable textile industry.

Environmental considerations are embedded in Camira’s culture. We will minimise our environmental impacts and protect the environment by committing to:


  • Continually develop and refine the group business management system to ensure all operational sites, departments and people are working in conformance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001.
  • Determine environmental statutory and regulatory compliance obligations, implementing actions to address and routinely verify their effectiveness.
  • Ensure pollution of the environment is prevented during operational activities.
  • Consider environmental impacts when making business investment decisions.
  • Evaluate the life cycle impact of new products, from design and development to manufacture and end of life.
  • Seek to minimise and reduce manufacturing waste and prioritise re-use, recycling, and recovery respectively.
  • Focus efforts on implementing a net-zero business model across our supply chain and targeted reduction of scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions.
  • Recognise that making positive contributions to local and international communities is an important social responsibility.
  • Engage and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to encourage awareness of environmental requirements and their contribution to continual improvement.
  • Set measurable objectives which are monitored and reviewed in line with the principles of this environmental policy.


Commercial Director
Dated: August 2022

Reference: POL-COMP-026-R5