Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Camira is a textile design and manufacturing company whose vision is to be the natural choice for fabric and textile solutions globally. We’re a young company, with an extremely rich heritage stretching back over 200 years, serving the commercial, residential and public transport markets.

Our fabrics make a difference to many spaces and places and make a material difference in so many ways to our wide stakeholder groups, from customers and supply chain partners, to the communities where we operate and of course the people who work directly for us. We know we have an impact – operating across 16 locations including 6 manufacturing sites, making over 8 million metres of fabric for sale in over 70 countries, working with over 600 suppliers, and employing around 700 people.

We want our impact to be a positive one, so we’re committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, working to the highest standards of ethics and citizenship. We do the right thing, no matter how hard, acting with integrity, honesty and transparency. We aim to design and manufacture pioneering fabrics and deliver value added services that contribute positively to a more sustainable future. We believe that by working together with our customers, suppliers, partners, co-workers and communities we can together accomplish great things.
To learn more about our approach, refer to our Corporate Social Responsibility Pillars. Our pillars provide the foundation for our approach to our people, our company, our customers and partners, and our planet. These focus areas are underpinned by our core values which are to Inspire Customer Success, Make the Best Product, and Build a Company We’re Proud Of. We’re signatories of the UN Global Compact, supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and report annually on our progress.

As we develop our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility this statement shall be periodically reviewed and updated. It applies to all subsidiaries of Camira Group Holdings Limited and is approved by the Board. This statement has been signed by the Commercial Director, on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Commercial Director
Dated: August 2023

The Four Pillars

Protecting Our People

At Camira, we understand that to succeed, we must attract and retain outstanding people and create a work 
environment where they can thrive, collaborate and innovate. This means building teams that represent diverse 
backgrounds, perspectives, talents and experiences, and helping them to work together free from any fear of 
harassment, discrimination or reprisals. 

Wherever we operate in the world, all employment decisions are based on job related qualifications, regardless of legally protected characteristics such as race, colour, national origin, religion, sex, gender, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or any other characteristic protected by law.

Our fundamental principles for Protecting Our People


  • We want everyone to contribute to a positive, diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone treats each other with fairness, dignity and respect. 
  • We seek to reward our employees fairly and take account of individual contributions to the performance of the business, assessing performance objectives in a fair and consistent manner providing regular performance reviews and constructive feedback.
  • We invest in training, education, and development to improve the skills of our people and the capability of the business.
  • We encourage openness and honesty in all our relationships and expect mutual respect and collaboration between all our people. 
  • We consult and involve our people in improving the business and welcome their feedback. 
  • We share information and discuss business and work issues with our people and their representatives and resolve disputes fairly. 
  • We respect our people’s choice on whether to join a trade union.
  • We are committed to a culture that protects the privacy of our people, customers and partners. 
  • We believe that protecting the health and safety of our people is everyone’s job and encourage everyone to look out for one another and work together to help ensure that our operations are safe.
  • We comply with all applicable safety, privacy, employment, labour, and immigration laws and we expect all customers, suppliers, agents and distributors to do the same.


Protecting Our Company


Corporate and social responsibility is a fundamental part of how we do business. It reflects our desire to safeguard the long-term interests of Camira through sustainable development (environmental, social and financial), continuous improvement, business innovation and management of risk. We strive to operate to the highest ethical and moral standards, acting with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Our fundamental principles for Protecting Our Company


  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for bribery and corruption, improper business conduct and facilitation payments.
  • We maintain accurate and complete records of our business dealings, including all transactions between our business and external individuals and organisations, and all expenditure and labour charges. 
  • We prepare our financial records in a timely manner, representing the facts accurately and completely. 
  • We maintain a rigorous system of financial, operational and compliance controls and an effective system of risk management and change control.
  • We are committed to the prevention and detection of fraud and will investigate any suspicion of fraudulent activity. 
  • We protect our equipment, technologies, intellectual property and commercially sensitive information from improper or unauthorised use and disclosure. 
  • We do not obtain competitive intelligence by illegal or unethical means, and we do not read or use competitor information that we should not have. 
  • We keep all our stakeholders well informed by providing honest and transparent information that they can access easily. 
  • We comply with all applicable bribery, fraud, tax and property laws and we expect all customers, suppliers, agents and distributors to do the same.


Protecting Our Customers & Partners

We want to be the ‘go-to’ fabric company in our chosen markets and channels, so our stated vision is “to be the natural choice for fabric and textile solutions globally”. To achieve this, we place particular importance on fair business practices, supply chain due diligence, safeguarding our future through innovation, and manufacturing market-leading fabrics that have been engineered to meet stringent global safety requirements.

In recognition of our influence throughout the corporate value chain, we prioritise self-regulation within our own operations and those of our supply chain partners. We’re committed to encouraging sustainable business practices that create and protect the long-term shared value for all our stakeholders.

Our fundamental principles for Protecting Our Customers & Partners


  • We are committed to innovating, improving and providing products that meet relevant technical performance standards and ensure their safety through routine due diligence testing. 
  • We expect our suppliers and partners, their employees, and their supply chains to operate to the highest standards of quality and integrity.
  • We are open, honest and act with integrity when dealing with regulators, inspectors, and auditors.
  • We avoid any relationship, influence or activity that will impair our ability to make fair and objective decisions during all business activities. 
  • We will comply with all applicable export control and import laws, regulations, and procedures wherever we operate. 
  • We believe in open, fair, and free competition, conducting business in an honest and straightforward way, and gaining our competitive advantages through the quality of our products. 
  • We are transparent when gathering competitor marketing information by only using published sources of information and being authentic about why we want the information.
  • We comply with all intellectual property rights and laws and monitor our partners carefully to ensure they abide by our principles and standards.
  • We treat all our customers and suppliers with fairness and integrity and build mutually beneficial relationships, regardless of the value of the transaction or the length of our association.
  • We aim to build and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction through our commitment to improving quality, delivery, responsiveness, and reliability. 
  • When seeking new suppliers and partners we conduct thorough due diligence, selecting suppliers and partners whose core values and commitment to ethical business conduct match our own. 
  • We are opposed to the use of any form of child labour or practices which inhibit the development of children and believe that employment should be freely chosen and commit to ensuring that no forms of forced or involuntary labour exist in our supply chain.
  • We take complaints seriously whether they are made orally or in writing, demonstrating impartiality through objective and confidential complaint investigation.

We comply with all applicable product safety, consumer, fair trading, human rights, competition, antitrust and reporting laws, and we expect all customers, suppliers, agents and distributors to do the same.

Protecting Our Planet


We’re a global business with an international network of customers, employees and suppliers. Despite our global presence we act local, so we respect the places where we manufacture, value the raw materials we use, seek to reduce and re-use waste, and look to understand and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on climate change.

We’re not new to this, as we’ve been pushing the boundaries of environmental stewardship for decades: innovation in environmental product design, best practice in manufacturing, waste elimination, investment in energy efficient technology, and philanthropic endeavors that support our communities.

Our fundamental principles for Protecting Our Planet


  • We improve resource efficiency, sustainable consumption, and production, throughout the whole supply chain from design through to delivery by utilising natural resources sparingly through the optimisation of energy and water use. 
  • We protect our water courses from unauthorised discharges and comply with regulated discharge permits. 
  • We maintain systems in accordance with Best Available Techniques to prevent pollution.
  • We enforce the waste hierarchy by ensuring segregation facilities are provided and maintaining zero-to-landfill status at our main manufacturing site. 
  • We keep road and air travel to the minimum required for effective business operations. 
  • We use limited quantities of packaging and always aim to ensure that all packaging is recyclable. 
  • We make business decisions that will reduce climate change risks and allow the development of climate change related opportunities. 
  • We focus on sustainable profitable growth while satisfying our legal, contractual, and ethical obligations. 
  • We encourage innovation, internally and with our supply chain, benefiting our customers, society, and environment. 
  • We collaborate and actively promote sustainability in our industry through industry associations, partnerships, and organisations. 
  • We engage positively with the local communities in which we work, both through specific engagement and through company-wide initiatives with the aim of contributing to its economic development and social wellbeing.
  • We support our communities and the future success of our business through investment in specialised textile-industry based education and skills; the environment; social investment; arts, culture, and heritage. 
  • We encourage our employees to contribute their time, knowledge and skills to make a difference in their community through activities with local schools and charities. 
  • We make sure that company charitable contributions are appropriate and proportionate.
  • We comply with all applicable environmental and social laws, and we expect all customers, suppliers, agents and distributors to do the same.

Reference: POL-TMAN-006-R3