Sustainability Report

Deutsche Bahn, IdeasTrain 2021

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“Collaboration is at its best when all involved have the same vision." Mahsa Haddad, Neomind

With a shared commitment to sustainability, the overarching vision was to create a textile woven from natural materials, and we therefore created a wool rich composition – a fiber which is not only renewable but is also beneficial for passenger wellbeing, health, and safety as a result of its ability to improve indoor air quality and inherent flame retardancy. As Mahsa Haddad, Industrial Designer & CMF Expert at Neomind, comments on the joint development: “Collaboration is at its best when all involved have the same vision and goals, and that was exactly the case with the IdeasTrain - we were committed to using natural, sustainable materials, delivering an exceptional passenger experience, and truly changing the way we travel in the future.”

"The fabric has an irresistibly tactile finish." Ciara Crossan, Camira

Created to deliver a contemporary aesthetic, the fabric featured within the IdeasTrain Regio is a contemporary take on wool plush, and is wire woven with a cut and loop surface. Ciara Crossan, Group Design Manager at Camira, expains the considered design features of the bespoke fabric: "The strikingly modern construction reflects the appearance of a flat cloth, while also creating an irresistibly tactile finish through its contrasting textures. This is beautifully complemented by the sophisticated grey colorway, which was carefully developed to work in harmony with natural daylight, yet imbued with an almost chameleonic ability to reflect the ambient lighting and moods which can be created artificially."