Technical Knitting

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Knitted designs can create tactile textile surfaces with unique aesthetic appeal. While in-built ergonomic sensibility can cater for added user-comfort in an ultra intelligent upholstery solution.

Technical knitting generally falls into three broad categories - three dimensional covers without seams to fit precisely to furniture shapes, fabric mesh variants applied to a chair frame to bring tension and support, or ShrinKnit fabrics with innovative shrink properties for easy application to furniture.
  • 3D upholstery - precision knit to fit over furniture foam to the exact curves and contours of the individual shape. There are no seams or pleats, therefore no seam slippage and no puckering.
  • Mesh fabrics - self-supporting semi-transparent mesh membranes for chair backs knitted as a single fabric layer with integrated perimeter apertures for the frame; alternatively knitted fabric bags providing a double fabric layer which is slipped over a chair frame.
  • ShrinKnit - using patented Shrinx technology, this is a flexible system employing heat sensitive shrink yarns to create beautifully simple but aesthetically advanced upholstery solutions for chair backs, either mesh or fabric.

Interested in finding out more? Download our Guide to Technical Knitting or our Creative Textile Know-how brochure.