Fabric Treatments

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Designing and manufacturing highly durable textiles, Camira delivers on style, without comprising on performance. For those spaces which require an enhanced level of protection, we provide a range of fabric treatments.

Alta™ for Contract Interiors

The latest in sustainable performance textile technology, Alta™ allows durability and cleanability and meets the environmental standard of Prop 65, EPA, and Europe’s REACH standards for safe chemistry.

Easy to specify Alta™
With a handful of different application available, Alta™  is custom engineered to improve textile performance for the end use environment.

Alta™ Workplace

Alta™ delivers new levels of performance and cleanability for the workplace environment allowing your beautiful design to hold up to the challenges of a busy workplace while also protecting. Offering improved abrasion, seam slippage, and extended fabric life for heavy use areas, Alta™ also provides unparalleled repellency. Spills will no longer impact the beauty of the workplace with Alta™!

Alta™ Food & Beverage Seating

Alta™ allows your beautiful design to function in real life. With every spill and stain, the technology remains bonded to the fibers of the fabric offering undetectable stain repellency for the life of the fabric. With the inclusion of the Durablock® liquid barrier, liquids, even left to sit, will not penetrate your fabrics, leaving the cushions protected for years to come!

For more information or questions regarding Alta™, please contact customer service. 

Camira StaySafe

Camira StaySafe is an advanced textile treatment, befitting the Covid age, which reduces the potential for viral transmission from fabric surfaces in commercial spaces and bus & coach interiors. When applied to a fabric, this state-of-the-art textile technology destroys viruses and kills bacteria – ensuring upholstery does not act as a potential source of transmission.

How does Camira StaySafe work?

Camira StaySafe works in three simultaneous ways to attract, attack and ultimately destroy the virus. A high powered combination of both silver and liposome technologies, firstly attracts the virus, then attacks the virus membrane, depleting it of cholesterol and allowing the silver to kill the entire virus. This is particularly effective against enveloped virus strains, providing rapid virus deactivation and destruction, while the anti-microbial silver chemistry also inhibits the replication of bacteria.

Independently tested, highly effective

Painstakingly thorough, with nothing left to chance, our technical experts have undertaken rigorous processing trials and made carefully calibrated adjustments to ensure CamiraStaySafe is absolutely fit for purpose and tailored according to the fabric it is being applied to. In doing so, we have established the optimum chemistries of CamiraStaySafe for anti-viral and anti-bacterial effectiveness on individual fiber types.

Camira StaySafe is available on Camira wool, high content wool, wool moquette, polyester and Trevira CS fabrics, and has a minimum order quantity of 27 yards.