Fabric Treatments

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Fabric treatments usually get applied once the fabric has been woven, giving added properties which can't be achieved by the textile alone - some make material more malleable, others turn fabric into a fortress, while others still make fabric more flame retardant. It all depends on where the fabric is going to be used, especially in terms of furniture type and the end-use environment, and what the fabric is made from (for example wool or synthetic) as to the specific treatment options available. Please call or email us with your specific enquiry.

Example treatments:
  • Scrim - 20 denier, extremely thin and lightweight nylon back coating, for easier upholstery over foam
  • Foam lamination - 2mm or 5mm foam backing, typically used on fabrics for panels or wallcoverings, giving extra volume for a more forgiving look and feel
  • Fabric protector / stain repellent - branded and non-branded options available, to protect against liquid spills, food stains, even those bodily fluids which are best left unmentioned
  • Anti-microbial - protect against germs and bacteria, such as MRSA, Salmonella and Staphylococcus
  • Flame retardant - enhanced flame retardancy to meet specific higher level flammability requirements