World Water Day 2019

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Each year, on March 22nd, World Water Day takes place – 24 hours dedicated to highlighting the importance of water. On a daily basis, it’s easy to take this human right for granted. 

We step in the shower, relax in the bath, boil the kettle. 

We turn the tap on, water comes out. 

It’s such a basic yet essential part of our day that we often overlook it as being anything of particular importance. Yet for billions of people worldwide, water is something they can’t forget about. Each day they struggle to survive because they are lacking one of the most fundamental human rights – access to safe water. That is why World Water Day remains as important today as it did upon its inauguration over twenty years’ ago, and it will remain so until clean water is available to everybody.

As part of our commitment to achieving this vision, we partner with Wools of New Zealand to support Just a Drop - a charitable organization dedicated to supporting communities around the world with access to sustainable safe water solutions. Donating a percentage of each yard sold of our popular Synergy fabric to the cause, together we have contributed over $18,000 since 2016, and this year we will be helping to fund a brand new Just a Drop project.

Kouk Srok Village

Located in the Varin district of Siem Reap province, Cambodia, over 1,711 people live in Kouk Srok. With no health center, a lack of access to safe water and hygiene facilities, and only 8% of the population having private latrines, there is a critical need for the work carried out by Just a Drop. 

As part of the project supported by Camira and Wools of New Zealand, the organization will provide 150 Biosand filters to households which make up to 60 liters of water safe to drink each day, build 100 latrines, as well as providing hygiene education to the village. Together, these actions will change the lives of the entire community – reducing water-related illnesses, the subsequent burden of health costs, and improving hygiene practices with long-term health benefits. 
We will keep you updated on how the project progresses, and we would love to hear how you are taking part in World Water Day this year (we are hosting a company-wide bake sale)! You can get involved on social using the hashtag #WorldWaterDay