What are our fabrics made of?

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Fabric composition may not be the first thing you consider when selecting a new textile, however, with a wide range of options available you may be interested in finding out more about what a fabric is made of. We break down the options on our online sample ordering service as: wool, synthetic, coated polyester, Trevira CS, vinyl, other (e.g. leather), and environmental (to include bast fiber fabrics and EU Ecolabel certified products). Here we cover some basic facts on wool, polyester, bast fibers and closed loop yarns. 

Wool is the ultimate performance fiber, with multiple smart abilities which are unmatched by man-made fibers. It has a microscopic armour-like coating that preserves its beautiful appearance for longer. It has natural crimp which prevents flattening and resists wear, while its luxurious drape and stretch make it perfect for soft seating. Wool has a natural cell structure, making it a “feel good” breathable fiber which can absorb and evaporate moisture for total user comfort. And it is fire safe thanks to its high moisture and nitrogen content, making it difficult to ignite. Some of our wool and wool blend fabrics are: Blazer, Synergy, Aquarius, Individuo and Zig Zag.

Polyester is the most widely used textile fiber in the world today. It is lightweight and smooth to touch. It was originally introduced in the 1950s as the magic fiber which didn’t need ironing, its popularity has been driven by fast, throwaway fashion. We do have ranges that include recycled polyester to improve its environmental credentials. Some of our polyester fabrics are: Lucia and Era.

Bast Fibers - Nature doesn’t stop with wool. The options for natural fibers are growing, with “bast fiber” plants producing textile fiber in the stems of nettles, hemp, flax and jute. Nature’s own collection of rapidly renewable bast fibers is the perfect complement to pure new wool, providing further enhanced performance and aesthetics and creating sustainable fabrics which are inherently flame retardant. They are also biodegradable and contribute to the biodiversity of the fields in which they are grown. Some of our bast fiber fabrics are: Main Line FlaxHemp and Hebden

Closed Loop - We've always strived to break the traditional "take-make-waste" model in favor of recycling, re-use and cyclical loops. Following years of development, we have fabrics that are 100% recycled and include closed loop content. 25% of the raw material is derived from our own waste - specifically polyester selvedges and yarn remnants. These ranges include L2 and X2.

Our ‘Did you know’ brochure contains a handy fabric application guide that steers you through which fabrics work well on which furniture types and for which market sectors. In short: wool works well on task and soft seating in wide ranging contract areas. Standard polyesters are more suited to simpler task chair applications, while coated polyesters and vinyls are sometimes the logical solution in “tougher-than-usual” upholstery scenarios.