We are double award-winners!

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It is always lovely to receive an award, and even more so when it is from a customer. So, our North American team were delighted to be presented with not one, but two, awards from Haworth! One of the largest global designers and manufacturers of office furniture and adaptable workspaces, they are an incredible company to work with and we were honored to be presented with the following awards:

Supplier Sustainability Award

Chosen to receive this award for exemplary performance in supporting Haworth’s own sustainability strategy, we were recognized for our commitment to innovating a more sustainable textile future through our range of bast and wool fiber fabrics.

These inherently flame-retardant textiles, such as Main Line Flax, meet rigorous flammability standards without the need for chemical treatment, making them a kinder environmental choice, and have been awarded the EU Ecolabel as a result of the reduced environmental impact they have throughout their lifecycle.

With sustainability laying at the core of both Camira and Haworth’s future developments, we have also worked closely with their Sustainability Team on new initiatives, as well as hosting a lunch and learn CEU session to inform their team on how sustainable textiles can contribute to health and wellness in the workplace. 

Supplier Innovation Award

Having worked together on an incredibly exciting new product, we were also delighted to be recognized as demonstrating superior effort in driving innovation for Haworth!

The team at Camira Technical Knitting created an innovative knit process for the compressed Soji chair back by Haworth; this highly-adjustable task chair has been designed to provide exceptional comfort through its individualized ergonomic control, and the knit fabric back expertly complements this purpose – fitting the exact curves and contours of the individual furniture form. 

The Soji chair and its technical knitted back has been incredibly popular with customers – so much so that the Very task chair has also been launched with a Camira knitted fabric back.

We can’t wait to see where the next project with Haworth takes us!