Transport Fabrics Anti-microbial Solutions

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Coronavirus has caused global turmoil and placed new emphasis on issues of hygiene and sanitation. While it’s impossible to apply social distancing to the seats we sit on when we travel, what we can do is make our transit and motorcoach upholstery as safe and as easy to clean as possible when it comes to infection control.
To make this easier for you to navigate and digest, we've created a flipbook resource for you to browse and download as a PDF.
For a quick glance at our upholstery solutions, we've curated our anti-microbial and bleach cleanable options across wool and vinyl products, which help control bacterial infection and provide easier cleaning in the new era of public health hygiene below.

Wool fabrics and Defender antimicrobial treatment

Our plush wool fabrics are made from a high percentage of nature’s most intelligent fiber type, pure new wool. Wool is safe (naturally flame-retardant), healthy (breathable, air purifying, acoustic) and durable, with long-lasting appearance retention and a level of natural resistance to soiling. Its multiple smart abilities are further enhanced through the addition of Defender, a powerful triple action post-treatment specially formulated for use with plush wool fabrics.

Defender allows liquid spills to bead up on the fabric’s surface rather than soak in and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus which thrive in warm conditions common to many transport interiors.
This post-treatment can be applied to Aura Classic & Twist, Wired, Hybrid, Fusion and Vigor


Anti-microbial and bleach cleanable vinyls

For the ultimate easy clean upholstery solution, we have a number of performance vinyls which can be used as standalone finishes to trim the entire bus or coach seat, or provide great accent touches for headrests, side panels or seat pads. Rhino (available in 5 colorways), Vita (available in 51 colorways) and Manila (available in 20 colorways) benefit from a robust protective finish which allows full bleach cleanability, meaning any germs will be killed immediately in a quick wipe down cleaning action. Vita and Manila also have an added antimicrobial treatment which protects against bacterial infection such as MRSA, Salmonella and E.coli.
Our collection of performance vinyls is available from stock, while our Defender treatment is available on request and brings anti-microbial protection to plush wool fabrics.
You will find detailed technical information for all fabrics mentioned above within our flipbook, along with responses to the most frequently asked questions we’re being asked right now about our products.