Take me to... London

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In this Take me to… article, we’ll be taking a tour of the city renowned for its spectacular buildings, famous citizens and world-class museums. Join us as we explore London, a place like no other...

Buckingham Palace

Surely any trip to the capital isn’t complete without a visit to the Royal family? The Monarch’s official London residence since 1837, Queen Elizabeth continues to reside at Buckingham Palace for much of the year. Originally built as a large townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703, it was acquired by King George III in 1761 as a private residence for Queen Charlotte, beginning its longstanding position as a Royal home.

Extended during the 19th century, it now includes an incredible 775 rooms, 19 of which are State and open to the public from July to September, when the Queen resides in Scotland for her summer break. And, with the largest private garden in London (42 acres to be exact) to stroll through after exploring the Palace’s exquisite interior, you can be sure you’ll be in need of a famous English afternoon tea after your visit!

The British Museum

One of the oldest museum’s in the world, the British Museum was established in 1783, opening to the public in 1759. Expanding over the next 250 years, and creating several branch institutions such as the British Library and the Natural History Museum, the museum as we know it today is an incredibly powerful piece of architecture – with the original courtyard (hidden from the public since 1857) transformed into the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court in 2000 by Lord Norman Foster. Covering over two acres, the spectacular glass roof has made the space the largest covered public square in Europe; and a truly beautiful sight to behold. Housing an incredible array of historical artefacts, a visit to the British Museum enables you to see some of the world’s most important pieces of history in just one place

The West End

An incredibly vibrant part of London, the West End is synonymous with world-class theatre. Establishing its identity as an entertainment destination with the opening of a number of small theatres and halls – including the famous Adelphi – in the early 1800s, the district has continued to grow through the decades and is now home to over forty venues, including the Camira-upholstered Apollo Victoria Theatre! With West End performances more popular than ever, in 2018 the Society of London Theatre reported that audiences exceeded 15 million for the first time – demonstrating that an evening at a London theatre is a pastime that doesn’t age. So, whether you fancy a musical, a play, an opera or a comedy, you can be assured that you’ll find something to meet your tastes.

Camira in London

The only fabric manufacturer able to meet the flammability requirements of the London Underground, Camira has woven the textiles that lay at the heart of the capital’s transport system for decades. From the distinctive red and grey pattern seen on the famous Routemaster bus to the iconic London landmark ‘Barman’ design featured on the Underground, you can be assured that these textiles meet the highest standards of style, substance and safety.