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With its rugged landscape, powerful coastal scenery, historic castles and rich heritage, Belfast is a city like no other. The capital of Northern Ireland, it is renowned for its character and cultural attractions, and has definitely earned its place on many a traveller’s must-visit list. Join us as we take a tour of this incredible city - and spot a bespoke Camira transport fabric.

Titanic Belfast

Home to the birthplace of the Titanic, the city has developed the country’s most popular tourist attraction to celebrate its renowned nautical past – Titanic Belfast. Built on Queen’s Island, the iconic building forms part of the heritage sites in the Titanic Quarter, which includes the monumental slipways in which the Titanic and its sister ship, The Olympic, were built by legendary Belfast shipbuilders Hardland and Wolff. To immerse yourself in an interactive experience of the Titanic’s journey, from its awe-inspiring construction to its heart-breaking sinking, this exhibition isn’t to be missed.

Belfast Castle

Located 400 feet above sea level, Belfast Castle is a hard place to beat if you’re in search of panoramic views over the city and its coast (and who isn’t really?). A replacement for the original Belfast Castle, built by the Normans in the 12th century before tragically burning down in 1708, the castle we see today was designed by architect John Lanyon for the 3rd Marquess of Donegall, and was completed in 1870. Remaining in the family until 1934, the castle was presented to the City of Belfast by the 9th Earl of Shaftesbury, and is now open to the public for tours, weddings, and private dining – and is well worth a visit in any Belfast tourist’s itinerary.

Botanic Gardens

Established in 1828, the Botanic Gardens is a 28 acre space of peaceful tranquillity in a busy city. Known for the Palm House, one of the earliest examples of a glasshouse made from curved iron and glass, the building was completed in 1852, and today remains filled with exquisite flowers, plants, hanging baskets and seasonal displays, paying testament to the horticultural passions of the Victorian era. Make sure to take a moment to stroll through this spectacle of colour and quiet serenity in any tour of Belfast.

Camira glides through Belfast

Designed to improve the speed and efficiency of public transport within the city, operator Translink introduced Glider in 2018 – a bus rapid transit system connecting East and West Belfast and the Titanic Quarter via the city centre. Manufactured by Van Hool, the system uses 18 ExquiCity articulated buses to transport people across this incredible city. These exceptionally modern vehicles include free WiFi, USB sockets, real-time visual and audible information and, with diesel hybrid electrical engines, are environmentally friendly as result of their low emissions.

Perfectly complementing the contemporary design of the ExquiCity bus, Camira created a fabric that encapsulated the Translink brand and the sleek vehicle on which it was to be installed. Opting for a flat woven construction for the seat, our design team developed a predominately grey pattern which incorporated the violet accents associated with Glider system, and the two parallel lines used within the Translink brand. Accentuating this colour palette, and providing an enhanced level of durability, a vinyl was chosen for the headrest, completing the sleekly stylish seat.