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Located on New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is the country’s largest city and boasts a population greater than the whole of the South Island combined. It's no surprise that Auckland is a diverse metropolis, full of atmosphere and opportunity. 

The ‘city of sails’ took its namesake from the numerous sailboats that drift around the two harbors surrounding the city. Whether it's dining by the sea front in one of Viaduct Harbor’s world-class restaurants, or taking on something a little more daring, there’ll be something in Auckland for you…

The Sky Tower

Feeling adventurous? Why not make your trip completely unforgettable by throwing yourself off a 220 meter building? The Sky Tower is Auckland’s landmark building situated in the heart of the city center, and has its very own bungee jump, providing the ultimate leap of faith. If plunging 53 floors towards the ground isn’t your style, fear not — there’s a 360 degree observation deck offering spectacular views for miles.

Waiheke Island

You’ve faced your fears and jumped off the Sky Tower… now it's time to relax. Take a trip to Waiheke Island, just a 35 minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland. Known as the ‘Island of Wine’ it’s definitely not one to miss. Get into true holiday mode and visit one of the island’s famous wineries, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and beaches.

One Tree Hill

Amidst running around the city, don’t forget to pay homage to Auckland’s rich culture. Take a walk up One Tree Hill, where you’ll find a memorial for the Maori people. Stroll through the surrounding Cornwall Park and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland's ever-growing and developing public transport network is key for tourists and residents alike to explore all it has to offer. 

With a recent upgrade in their network services, Auckland is at the forefront of mobility technology, with hydrogen and electric vehicles being explored and low emission vehicles and passenger comfort a standard feature. Choosing Reid & Twiname, the Camira distributor for New Zealand, to create textiles that would reflect the high quality of its vehicles, Auckland Transport provided three locally designed patterns which reflected their organization and its objectives. The Camira design team worked to realize these patterns into perfectly woven wool rich moquettes - comfortable, durable and beautifully colored, the textiles bring a bolt of vibrancy to the buses, reflective of the lively city itself.